Why women do not deserve to be raped

This post is dedicated to  Mr Rahul , the man who on Times now said things which have shaken me to the core of my being . This is regarding the rape case of a 15 year old girl in Noida . Mr Rahul , whatever your full name is ,Your notion of rape is utterly wrong  .

A 15 year old drinking alcohol  is not “fishy” but FIVE  men raping her repeatedly is . A 15 year old traveling with a boy she knows at night is not “fishy” but he raping her with 4 other strangers is .

Please let me elaborate why women do not deserve to be told that they are the reason for being raped and why you are  WRONG. I have created points  for you ,so you understand better.

 WHY women do not deserve to be raped 
 - Because women are not meat.
 - Because they are more than what is between their legs.
 - Because women do not ask for it , ever  ; including being  drunk or skimpily clad.
 - Because no DOES NOT mean yes.
 - Because women have enough to deal with.

Why i am writing this 
-Because i do not want my daughters and their daughters  to feel that they did something and they deserve   being raped.
-Because i have felt people staring at me even when i wear full clothes.
-Because i can feel them looking at me.
-Because i have had enough of the blame.
-Because i was touched wrong when i was young and i was not the same since.
-Because i can only imagine what that  fifeteen year old girl feels.

Why you are wrong about men being naturally more “sexual” then women thus easily swayed to rape (according to your logic)
-Because i truly believe that a real man does not rape , an animal does.
-Because men are not naturally animals – they do have feelings.
-Because Men can think , control and reason .
-Because if your logic was right then all the men including you would be a rapist
 and you turned out fine didnt you ?

News flash to you 
-There are more  rape cases now,  not because we wear clothes that you do not agree with
  but because now we can talk back to you and scream when we are raped.

Why you do not have the right to say what you said -
 -Because you focus  more on what the rape victim was wearing and not on catching the ones who did it.
- Because majority of raped females are little girls.
- Because you were not raped and you have not seen the blood.
- Because , if you defend the devil you will have blood on your hands.

Dear Mr Rahul , congratulations on your national television debacle , you just gave birth to a whole new breed of rapists who will quote you and do your biding.

 P.S-Since i was in such a furious state of mind , i went ahead and gave a piece of  my mind to the fabebook page’s wall of the tv channel and this is what i wrote

I really do not understand how in the world does a man state HIS ideas as “facts” . I do not even know who he is but he should think alot about what he said , Men do not have any “wild ” sexuality but rapists do . By suggesting that, not only is he suggesting that ALL men do not have any form of control but also the fact that men are animalistic by nature , both of which are pure immature thoughts . All men are not animals in heat , but rapists are . If you are suggesting in any way that the girl is half way responsible for anything then congratulation you just gave birth to a whole bunch of rapists who believe they can do their “normal” acts and get away with it . This is for the “dude” of today who believes “basic” nature of men does not change – Rahul . Thankyou for explaining the reversal of Darwinian principal we really appreciate it. Sincerely, an Indian girl who really really does not like you “

If you wish to go there and like my post to make sure everyone knows what is right then click  this is the link
HERE   , it is the 10th conversation  from the top .

 P.P.S -I am aware of the situation at hand . I know that my one post is not enough but at least i write for what i believe in . No one can ever take that away from me , no one can take it out of me .

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  • mermaidbidisha

    awesome post !!!!!!!!!
    this post should be promoted…i want everyone to read this!

  • Poorva Janbandhu

    I’m totally sharing this everywhere! That asshole needs to know! As well as every other man with a rapist mind!

  • Stylish By Nature

    Very sensitive post!! Must Read!

    Hope you check out my new post too :)
    ♡ StylishByNature.com

  • Sunkissed

    Sharing this right away Komal – so well written !

  • Aayushi

    very well said….
    can u please tell me frm where i can read that post or whteva by MR RAHUL ????
    i want to read it x(

  • Anonymous

    as you rightly said, rapists are wild, they are standing in the shadows, and things could be a little better if we don’t dangle a meaty bone topped with red cherry to a wild animal! that said, our law is truly primitive to handle rapes and that does encourage it.

  • The Delhi fashion blogger

    everyone – thank you i hope others get the message
    anonymous – I understand what you are saying but the issue is that you can not know when you are the red cherry or the meaty bone . I can be coming home from work and be the victim or just being a 10 year old minding her business . The issue is not the bone but the hunter ; to a hungry dog a stick will seem a bone .
    Majority of females raped are girls below the age of 18 by people they know . Those standing in the shadows are people that a child’s mind can not comprehend .
    we can not possibly pretend to save them from such people . i understand that precaution is better but is it possible all the time?
    The issue of anonymity and disguise in rape is of a psychological paradigm on the rapists side , they know they will get away thus they do it . I am attacking this “idea” , ideas are created by people to get what they want ; case in point rapists.We can not deny that the history of our state is filled with female subjugation and we have a long way to go . I am merely trying to write what i believe in.

    i do respect your views but i stand by what i have written .

    • shreya

      its an awesome article….a girl never ever deserved to be raped……..and the gal(of noida raped)did a single mistake by trusting her b.f ……

  • the phoenix

    amazing post, very nicely written, me and my friends face eve teasing in college every single day, but today we ganged up against a guy. the rapists and eve-teasers need to be taught a lesson. sharing it on facebook and twitter


  • Aishwarya Khanna

    I agree with each and every word you’ve written. A women does NOT deserve to be LOOKED at with bad intentions also. I mean, it’s outrageous how a woman, in full clothes, walking on the road is eve teased.
    And this is clear that an Indian woman is NO longer a sit-at-home-and-take-care-of-the-family kind. She is meant to do big things for herself and her society. If people like Mr. Rahul the douche (pardon my language) are not going to support us then it is surely going hamper our growth in the society. I mean, what bullshit? It doesn’t matter if she was drinking or travelling with a boy. Maybe her parents felt she was safer traveling with a boy her age than traveling all by herself.
    Weird, how men like Mr. Rahul the douche can easily blame the little girl for what? A rape. Don’t cover it up Mr. Rahul. Tell us how much you’ve been payed to say all that bullshit in public and yes, support the criminals.

    • Narender

      hi Aish

      today it was that little girl , tomorrow it will that mother fucker rahuls sister , lets see what he says , than , because what you give comes back to you , this bull shit is gonna fall to his face, dont give people like him importance saying ” its gonna hamper the growth of women if people like rahul think that way”

      need to understand , anybody can take drinks, or may be she was forcively given drinks as she said, police to sali biki hui hai , they may say anything.

      according to mr rahul agar kalko his mother or sister or daughter travels abroad to some country than they should be raped because thier culture and freezing cold makes people take drinks to survive, so all his family should be raped , if not than this bastard should change his thinking , becoz in delhi like metro city girls can normally drink even .

      i mean i felt shame when he says mens are always sexualy more heated , please i am not , ecoz i have a brain given by god to control my feelings , might be he always looks his mother and sisters and daughter in sexual manner. he is the most heated person in world and i think he should try fucking himself if he feels so heated , but believe me these rapists and mr rahul will never fuck themself becoz they know its gonna pain in ass. bloody mother fuckers.

  • richi

    its sooo enlightening….. il share it as mch as i can…..

  • Tanvi

    You are very brave Komal. I hope that duchebag gets to read it!

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  • confessionz of a Closet

    Bravo! and m proud of you that u did it.. sharing this immediately.. n hoping all the everybody else does..

  • prashant

    great post…i applaud you…and wish a lot of people get the message. i m a man but i believe rape is the worst crime a man can commit. people may sometimes steal for hunger..or even kill for a reason…i wish you all the best…may the world see that every women wants to be loved not hurt…

  • Dipti.A.C

    Komal I am totally with you on this..

    It really makes me feel sad and more than that furious that we live in a society where we are taught ” HOW NOT TO GET RAPED rather than HOW & WHY NOT TO RAPE.. ” on top of that my blood boils when I see or hear women harbouring similar thoughts as Rahul..


    Please stop looking at rape as a Natural Disaster that occurs when some men lose control..

    I mean what do men get attracted to when they rape/molest 2 yr old kids..do they get attracted to the Diapers????

    It doesn’t depend on what you wear… if your skirt is way too up or neckline way too down.. or if you are 6 or 16 or 26 n so on….

    it just depends on the DIRTY MENTALITY of a man who preys on a woman for sexual gratification..

    definitely sharing this Komal..

    • sakshijais

      dipti true… valid points…specially the last two…
      i really had a tough time explaining my boyfriend these stuff… but u gave me really good points..

    • Sanjib

      I understand and support a female’s thought on this kind of dirty activities. Yes men(not all, there are men who really respect women) do rapes and should get punished for this. and at the same time, we should think and action on PROACTIVE action plans. I think we should educate the society where need to change a man’s mentality. Being a man i know what men thinks about a girl who is alone,away from reliable persons, under control of bad minded man. By educating and creating awareness we can prevent rapes. Please dont blame all the men, blame and punish the rapists. A normal and educated man never rape a woman. Please correct me if i am wrong.

  • Raaga

    I Loved this 1!!It is the emotion of every gal wen they c the news of rapes reflected back here !!Rahul’s comments seemed chauvinistic :@ wen guys can wear wat they want y cant we??The society we live in is never gonna accept the gender equality :@ Women are seen as Food for sexual hunger!!The lewd comments,the disgusting stares…Sickos!!

  • afterglow

    Girls have ENOUGH to deal with as it is. well said.

  • geet

    Hear hear!!
    MUST be shared by ALL!!
    Thank you SO much for this amazing post dear!


    Each and every man should have this feeling……….
    rapist are animals….and animals can’t think…..

    • Virendra...

      i don’t mind butchering some of these animals,if we get a safer society.

  • Rohan Andrew Michigan

    actually animals hv rare cases of rape much less than humans thus saying tht d sexuality of men lead thm to rape is absurd and absolutely foolish. why do all these stupid ppl just pick out imaginary facts from thr bum wthout even cross checking.
    i am a man, i am not a natural rapist, i will never rape a woman cause of what she wears or how she acts, heck i will never rape period.
    n i completely agree with u.

  • nikita hazarika

    i was moved by your post. your words have told everything each of us, as girls have hidden deep inside us. Thanks and i am sharing this piece of yours :)


    Thumbs up to you !! Great post , it should be voted by every bloggers…

  • sakshijais

    awesome…. dis is just d same thing i tried explaining 2 my GUY friend… thanks for the post… it ditto expresses my feelings and feeling of any other girl who was told that the girls are the ones to be blamed…
    hats off to you women…

  • sakshijais

    and you know what!!
    men should know girls do NOT liked being raped… i mean y the hell people are blaming this girl…after all she knew the guys…what did she know that this will happen with her…i seriously feel like abusing them…

    and i want to ask..do girls do not have the right to be out and party at 11… just to take prevention that she might be raped she should sit at home while all the assholes can have a gala time parting anytime…
    whats wrong in this…
    i am totally frustrated at this thing…
    heights this is!!

  • Rachit

    I stand by you and men like Rahul just need petty publicity..

    Weakest LINK

  • Shruti

    You are so right Komal, couldn’t agree with you more!!! Awesomely expressed… hope that gives some sense to that guy who said such things on National television…. !!

  • Arushi

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Arushi

    Very well written……i wonder if ppl like Mr Rahul ever blamed bomb victims or asked a similar question “Who asked you to be in a crowded place?…..by being there you asked for it!”


    i salute u ! i m glad tat ders sumone to pendown d thngs n thoughts ..i m unable to !! keep writing ! :)


    I am so happy you decided to write this..if we as bloggers can make our voice heard we should take the opportunity.
    This angers me a lot too..a similar case happened in Calcutta..this woman was raped and our darling CM called it a conspiracy against her govt and a minister called her an escort/slut, saying what can you expect from women who drinks and smokes! The police refused to take down her complaint, mocking her for drinking beer. The lady was raped by 3 men and worse one of them was just 21..a well-educated man.


    And I was discussing it with my room mate and she thinks it was the woman’s fault cos she got into a car with unknown men! I nearly turned around and slapped her!

  • Sanjib

    Agreed and Shared

  • Butterfly... :)

    Excellent Post!!! I believe and agree on each and every point that you mentioned in this post!! I mean, just because a girl is skimpily clad does not mean her dess says — Come rape me! As far as i know women wearing sarees also get aped.. Hell, nowadays even elderly women get raped!! The girl is not at fault! :X It is the boy who is trusted whose at fault!
    All men are not like that. Definitely not!! It’s the men who are psychopaths and barbaric and insane and sick who are like that!! I am so glad you did a post on this topic! You inspired me to do a post on the same topic too. I will definitely do it!

  • Keertika

    Hats off dear.. I am glad u wrote wtevr u felt…Jus wanna say “THANKU”
    Keep up d gud work!!!!

  • Ilehas

    This post is by far my most favourite argument against the spineless creatures who deem a rape as mostly a woman’s fault for “provoking and enticing the interest” of the man who raped her. Thank you for posting what 90% of today’s women are itching to tell these bastards. Men indeed. Even animals would be insulted being compared to such vile leeches.

  • yatin kumar

    its a honest and true post i tottaly agree with you

  • bharmoria

    i hope mr rahul is dressed enough , and is not ‘provocatively’ dressed to sexually excite a person, inviting rape upon himself..
    great writing and a great eyeopener for people.

  • manisha

    agreed n shared.thank u for writing this post.

  • Anshuman Sharma

    i totally agree what she has expressed in this blog! and really appreciate it. its an eye opener

  • Vanu

    Komal thnx a ton for dis post.
    Ur feelings are so damn right.Women are not a piece of meat and dey dont ask for IT! Whatta shame. In 21st century, we, women still go thru dis torture. These animals think that its der birthright to abuse and use gals. They shud think about der own mothers, sisters and wives once before raping or even thinking about another female.

  • Vanu

    Post Shared

  • whoohoochica

    One of your teachers shared this on her FB page and it resonated with me here in Maryland, USA. Thank you for your eloquent, concise and considered response to the ignorance of the suject.

  • Ayshu



    • The Delhi fashion blogger

      - i am happy you like the article
      - I have written it in my PPS that i am aware of the scale of my argument , it is creating ripples if not waves .
      - women have XX chromosome and men have XY . YY chromosomes do not exist . The theory of your chromosomes creating a psychological order is unknown thus i do not believe it. A rapists does not look like a rapists but is one because of his brain( Thoughts)
      - Every man does have feelings , that’s how they can love and cherish a women and their children . Every man is not a rapists ,that is the precise point of my argument . stop generalizing men and women. all men are not rapists and all women are not in this universe to bring pleasure .
      - Contrary to popular belief, men get raped to and it is very hard for them as well.
      - i feel your anger to but you need to channelize it , just like i did in the post . If you have young boys around you , teach them how men and women are equal and how women can be just friends . change starts with us .
      - lastly , writing in CAPSLOCK is considered rude in the blogging world , it is equal to someone shouting in real life .
      - Please dont take anything i said in the wrong way , i believe and support equality for both men and women .


    owh ..well written.. i believe the media should not just promote the news of what had happened but /instead the should write in bold how these cruel people are punished ..what will happen if you even think of crossing the line.(remember even the worst animal can be trained and brought to control)
    Now a days so much of cases are reported in such a way that everyone think its happening everywhere and its very common/daily news !! this is real bad to society and safety .
    28 male Kerala.

  • Rohit a.k.a Salty

    I feel Sad at the state of people, who really think a lonely girl is a helpless girl!
    I feel Sad for the poor lonely girl, who needs support and composure and not animalistic Rapists..
    I truly feel pity for those animals who do not know who a woman is!
    Respect for Humans is a must!
    A lady is to fall in love with, to spend a lifetime of joy together!
    I salute the lady who bears the pain of unbearable degree to give birth to Man, who makes her feel ashamed when some of them turn rapists for no reason!
    A Man who treats a Girl like a princess must have been brought up in the arms of a Queen!

    Respect the Woman who is your Mom, your sister, your Wife, your Bua, your Masi, your Mami, your Chachi, your Tayi, your Girlfriend and What not!!

  • B P K

    I dont understand how can such a senior police officer forget his duties and law.. It is a well established position by courts that when the victim is a minor, the question of consent never rises and the offence of Rape is committed in any case !

  • Akshay

    Thank you for this lovely piece of work….. I am a man and i completely agree with you….I guess there more to a woman than what these rapists are after!!!! I only wish there comes a law where every rapist is hanged in public. Stoned first and then hung… Thank you once again.

  • definitely stud

    Really loved your article. Its really well written. But in my opinion, instilling fear of punishment isn’t exactly the best way to stop this menace. I’m not saying these guys should go free. They should be punished by all means. But I was thinking instead of just confining things to punishing the culprits, why not find the root cause. Why not have some psychologists analyse these people’s minds.. Find out reasons why they turned out this way? Maybe it has something to do with what happened in their past. Maybe its genetic. I’m sure its not because of the way women dress. Where are the PhD students. Can someone not take up an analysis of these ‘rapists’ and find a remedy or at least the root cause??? Just a thought..

    • The Delhi fashion blogger

      That is actually quite true but before we catch them , we also need to create a sense of trust between men and women . As a young individual i have seen people teasing young boys by their friends name if they are girls , a little boy immediately derives that a women can either be a lover or sister and nobody else , there is no sense of balance . Same with women , we are taught to be scared of men and not befriend them because “boys want only one thing “. We have to teach little ones to be equal and not stereotypes . That is exactly what rahul did , he stereotyped men into “wanting one thing only” types . How can he take the responsibility of the whole race of men ? i am a women and even I found it offensive !!

    • Unknown

      I agree with definitely stud.. the rapists, or for that matter all criminals, turn out the way they do because of their upbringing.. its the kind of people that they are surrounded with, who somehow have an impact on their minds.. Even my blood boils when i hear of all these rape cases occurring so frequently now, especially in Gurgaon. hell its scary! But I wish that there was a way in which boys could be taught to respect women from a very young age. and not think of them as the so called sex objects. I’m lucky to have sensible guy friends and a dad who understands that “its not the fault of the girl”. whatever she wears, wherever she goes, whenever she wants to go.

  • anirockss

    New Law….
    you will not feel until u feel it…

    thinking of sex is different from mentioning her as sexier,half clothes are not the invitation to rule her kingdom, and she should use the mind, where she is going and what she should wear….

    100% rapes cause due to liquor, you agree or not….and high class people never come out even they get raped….middle class people suicide or die as they think the whole world will point her…. poor people does nothing since they cant complain until they are caught by police or media and after that they go into prostitution because there is nothing worse could happen..

    media is no.1 rapist, they rape everyone on their news channel.they are the only people who gets benefits for raping…

    • The Delhi fashion blogger

      ani -
      she is 15 years old , she can be ANYWHERE, do anything and wear ANY clothes . She is a minor , raping her is a crime , PERIOD !!
      please cite your sources of the 100 % rape cases , if it is a derivation of your imagination then it is not worthy of retort .
      I can not point towards media since i have no interest in their issue and i dont like to blabeer without getting my facts straight .

    • Virendra...

      A crimes’s a crime…A criminal’s a criminal…fuck your logistics and looney talk.Fuck that idiot who thinks someone’s way of dressing or behaving is an invitation to rape.

      If I go by ur ass-theory then a showroom of costly cars is an invitation of stealing cars to the guy on a bicycle,because it is so desirable.A sweet shop is an invitation to a beggar who is hungry.A lonely child walking alone is an invitation to a psychic killer to kidnap and torture the kid.and so as you say,wearing a certain type of dress is an invitation for rape.

      Not even 10% rape cases happen due to a rapists condition of being drunk.

      anirocks : you just like to show numbers from your mind,don’t you !
      well please don’t open your mouth for a long long time.

    • Virendra...

      Hey there Fashion Blogger : there doesn’t has to be a reason to explain why raping someone is wrong.15 years or 50 years.It’s wrong !

      the only way to prevent a crime is through the way of love(for your country and society) or fear(of the punishment to commit that crime).rape is not something extra-ordinary.it is a crime and the criminal has to be brought to justice.there are so many incidents of rape,because the rapists already have a mind-set of being able to get away with it.and with that kind of attitude,the rapists will keep on repeating their act and creating new breed of rapists along with them.

      and then we have our moral rapists,who come up with ideas of someone being raped as her way of dressing being provocative.

      now i don’t have a figure to show,but most of the indian men still live with a feudal approach towards sexuality.so in the end the women is guilty even when she is a victim.

  • Arshiya

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Arshiya

    Not at all shocked at the audacity of “Rahul”, to have said something like that gotten away with it easily and initiated another topic of discussion. What’s shocking is, I am doubtful of the Indian media. Where the hell does censorship go now? Why would the Indian media even publicise something like this?
    And, about writing posts like this. It’s good to know that people are aware but isn’t enough. Did you teach your daughter to give a tight slap if she is wrongly touched? Did you teach her to defend, protect herself when things surpass her will? If you have then you definitely do have all the rights talk about it and spread awareness. SCREAM SHOUT PROTEST, Rapists are like terrorists, they don’t have a specific caste, colour, religion, creed or sometimes even gender. They are everywhere.
    I have my dad, my boyfriend, my brother and so many guy friends. I can very proudly stand for them and say NOT ALL MEN are the same. I have been for trips with my friends.
    If a girl deserves to be raped, then it should be the same for everyone.
    So, Rahul”If you do have a sister, wife, daughter or a mother, and you haven’t raped them yet, then somebody else might”.

    • The Delhi fashion blogger

      Arshiya i am a student , not married . This post is my reaction to what happened to me and to that 15 year old girl . Everyone has the right to their opinion , mine is this . I tell each and every girl to react , that was precisely the point of this post .

  • Unknown

    every word dat u have posted here are true to the core.. but we hve a long way to go… to change the mentality of our society.. the words that Mr.Rahul hv said are not just his words.. these are the words of majority of the people of our society.. even.. women. We being teenagers know wat it feels lyk beinh teased.. but dre are ppl who wud rather blame us for wearing western dresses or walking around in disagreable ways
    you hv done a wonderful job voicing against it.. i think its tym for us to do d same.

  • nityanand

    Very well put. And i think you have said what needs to be said. Anyone is free to do whatever they want unless its something against you but sadly people sometimes forget that anyone also includes women and girls. For god’s sake she was 15 and suggesting reasons as stupid as clothes or questioning her character rather than putting energy in nabbing the culprits and getting justice is insane.

    Excellently written and very well put.

  • nityanand

    shared coz its worth .

  • Virendra...

    i feel ashamed when i hear about any rape case.i feel violated when i hear a girl has been raped by some ugly minion of hell.i feel guilty of being a man,when i see other men looking for lame excuses to get away with the fact that a person has been wronged by a sick animal.i would hate a dog biting me and i would kill that dog if i had to protect myself.i feel the same way for every rapist.

    no reason is good enough to suggest a rape case was valid.i don’t know if a girl likes,being raped or not.for me it does not matter,because i know it is way beyond saying it is wrong.it is a horror of horrors.

    the rapists should only get a chance of rectifying their mistake and that would be to go into denial and perish.

    you find my way of thinking extreme,doesn’t matter.
    don’t do the crime,
    if u can’t serve your time(in banishment from society)….

  • Sia

    well written…I wish this post could make a difference…and make those beats out there understand that women are not at fault when they are teased, ogled or being raped. I sincerely wish there was an end to all these atrocities on women and some day we women could walk free without any fear..cause we have been created by the same God who created Men and have the same rights and freedom to live our life without fear….

  • Soumya Ranjan

    Its an excellent thought. Maybe some day men would realise, God not only made man in his image, but also women. Man and woman share the 2 sides of humanity as a whole. A rape is not less than a blow in the sanctity of this partnership shared since time began.

  • Samiksha

    I Shared It
    I wish these wild men realize that sooner or later they will also have a women in their life be it mother,sister,wife or daughter and any such thing can happen to them too.
    Sad that in such educated world we still have such people with poor mentality.

  • Sachin

    Mam Respect!!! Can some one get this published on a newspaper daily.

  • Dj Freak

    I think the rapist should be punished severely. Concerning depts. should make such a law that the person who ever think to rape also should get scared by thinking of such an evil deed.

  • Devdas

    hats off !!! nothing else !!!

  • Niladri Sekhar

    in the nature, not only animals but even the smaller insects also never, never try “RAPE”, so the rapists are not animals also… being a guy i feel ashamed whenever a rape happens.
    not only the rapists but all who support it by helping directly or indirectly shld be send to Mars… or shld be killed like mad-dogs on open public!!

  • Deejay

    I guess Rapist deserve only one punishment hanged till death naked in public….

  • athena rishi

    Hi Ms. Blogger!!Very nicely written!! and I just want to share one more incident!! Even in corporate world, (white collared !! highly educated people, there are cases when People stare at your chests !! even if you are fully covered, married.. So it really does not matter what is the age!! Rape is Rape!! and This Mr. XXX had no motive one I could think of, just a simple way of cheap publicity!!! now at least people will recognize him for his statements, so point rightly hit!!! We should just try to shout back / fight back .. till the voice is heard.

  • Unknown

    I agree with u……but to all u ladies….there is no point in getting raped and later venting ur anger through social media…..plz exercise caution…..there ARE animals out there. I cannot even imagine what that little girl had to go through ad my heart goes out to her.
    Rapists are men who are no stronger than their dicks and are consequently ruled by it. Such men are a blot on MAnhood. best way to deal with such rascals would be to cut them into pieces one small bit at a time and keep them alive and aware of their pain for the entire duration.

    • The Delhi fashion blogger

      I agree that women should be aware but sometimes it comes out of nowhere , trust me i have been a women for 23 years now . Once i was sitting in the rickshaw WITH my sister and man came on a bike and touched me violently and went away, i couldn’t do anything , believe me i tried. Now i can not help but crossing my arms around my chest every time i sit in a rickshaw when i hear some vehicle coming from the back .It is also a fact that rapists are known to their victims , that’s why the victim gets in that position . They first build trust through family or friends and then they do it . In this case to , the victim knew one boy . That’s why the “being aware” concept becomes a bit blurry because these men disguise themselves and its not easy for young women (1 – 15, 16,17) year olds to know .

  • Narender

    today it was that little girl , tomorrow it will that mother fucker rahuls sister , lets see what he says , than , because what you give comes back to you , this bull shit is gonna fall to his face, dont give people like him importance saying ” its gonna hamper the growth of women if people like rahul think that way”

    need to understand , anybody can take drinks, or may be she was forcively given drinks as she said, police to sali biki hui hai , they may say anything.

    according to mr rahul agar kalko his mother or sister or daughter travels abroad to some country than they should be raped because thier culture and freezing cold makes people take drinks to survive, so all his family should be raped , if not than this bastard should change his thinking , becoz in delhi like metro city girls can normally drink even .

    i mean i felt shame when he says mens are always sexualy more heated , please i am not , ecoz i have a brain given by god to control my feelings , might be he always looks his mother and sisters and daughter in sexual manner. he is the most heated person in world and i think he should try fucking himself if he feels so heated , but believe me these rapists and mr rahul will never fuck themself becoz they know its gonna pain in ass. bloody mother fuckers.

    • The Delhi fashion blogger

      Narendra , i understand the sentiment but when you bring in the women related to him , the concept changes . We need to take the women out of the equation. I know you mean that he will know the feeling but i am putting this argument against him and only him . I am a woman i do not want to bring in another women because she gave birth to him or because she is married to him . We would be doing the same thing as him , i hope you understand

  • Ajinder

    very well said.
    These rapists deserve to be shot down the very moment they are located.

  • Mishika

    Read this piece as it was shared by my friend. Aptly so. Sharing it on the SlutWalk, Delhi page. It would be nice to have you there. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/165762856819801/)

  • Thamarai

    simple. don’t drink alcohol and don’t go out in the middle of the night. If you have thrown caution to wind, then don’t blame men entirely. You already lacked judgement and went out with the wrong man.. you want to further inhibit your judgement by drinking. What were the parents of this stupid 15 yr old girl thinking?

    I know many modestly dressed women have also been grossly violated (I have been inappropriately touched when I was wearing a salwar kameez and that too in a temple, so I really know what that is about). I am not here to say women have to put up with everything.. but I am just saying use your sense to decide when to do what. you were trying to make a valid point in the article but used the wrong example and ruined it. In this case, the 15 yr old girl was as much at fault as the men.

    • The Delhi fashion blogger

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion , you have yours and i have mine .
      First of all it is really not that simple , women are also raped when traveling from work at night , should they stop work and sit at home ?
      - As a women , do you not feel if we were living in a safe society it would be so much better for us ? You could travel at night without thinking about being raped . Does it not upset you that you have been limited ??You have so easily accepted the notions given to you . If our fore mothers where to give up this easy , we would not be here; working and earning our own money.
      - Alcohol is not the reason for rape , men rape even without being intoxicated . The girl was forced to drink alcohol and she has been raped by those boys before and was threatened if she tells anyone , they will publicize her previous rape.Just like you she has also internallised the fact what is “simple” in society and what is considered unpure ; a rape victim .
      - Mr Rahul could argue in your case that there was no need to go to a temple when you knew it was going to be crowded ? People “explaining” what you should have done to prevent is not the cure ,you do not know someones position unless you have walked a mile in their shoes.
      - That CHILD is not an adult , even if she was intoxicated or in her right mind . She is pronounced as raped because of her age .
      - The “simple” logic you have used has been used for centuries to keep women under the shadows . What is simple right now for us women was complicated 50 years ago. Do you really think a women working in a male dominated environment was considered safe ? If a women was raped , it was considered her own fault.

      as i said before , everyone is entitled to their opinion but everyone does not have to agree to it , just like you do not agree to mine . I on the other hand believe that your ideas of “simple” are ruled by what the society has feed you , it is not your fault . You have internalized the notions of what not to do to get rapped but you are completely unaware of the reality of it . Rape doesn’t happen because of the stupidity/immaturity of the victim ,If it did , all of us would be raped because we were immature and young once .

      AND everyone is “stupid” when they are 15 year old , we were just lucky .

  • Maniac

    It saddens me to see how something that should be so happily and so in love to be shared with, is being snatched off with such animalistic ferocity and as you said, their lives will never be the same…
    Rapists are there in each and every place and every country and we can only hope that the lonely streets that our women enter at nights are filled with darkness and not dark souls

  • Prerna Subramanian

    This is totally amazing. And you know what TDFB? The word “Rape” has become a very common wor din cities. Not in the context it actually is supposed to be used, but in any meaning. One day I heard a guy saying “Dude I raped the paper. it was so easy.” and I heard a GIRL saying ” My god. The paper raped me! It was so freaking hard.”

    Are we this cheap?

  • Thamarai

    Yes, a society where we could walk free at night without fear is the sign of a society that has progressed on many levels. But the change is not going to come overnight. Until then we just have to be cautious if we value our own safety. That’s all I am saying. Yes, the crime perpetrator is very much a beast. But if you can take certain precautions, why not.

    When I read your comment in detail I tried to imagine a situation where I would have to go out alone in the night. I have a family member who is a heart patient. if I do need to go out in the middle of the night to seek medical help and if I cannot simply because I am scared of being raped, that would be terrible. Similarly women who work late night shifts out of necessity to keep the fire burning at home. I confess I did not think along these lines because I have been sheltered in many levels and have had things pretty easy in life. So hats off to those women who have to face such difficulties everyday. Your voice lends them strength.

    My husband and I were a couple for almost a decade before getting married. I met him when I was in my teens too. So I know what it is to ‘fall in love’ or think this is the perfect guy for you at that age. But my common sense told me never to go out late night with him, never to agree to sex before marriage and to assess his friends and background carefully to see if he could be trusted enough to consider things long term. So I was surprised that someone believed a scoundrel like that guy who cheated the 15 yr old and agreed to go out with him late night. Won’t you know a crook when you interact with one? Again,it is the sheltered me speaking. Been around trustworthy loving people all my life, so its hard for me to imagine.

    • The Delhi fashion blogger

      You have no idea how happy i am that you understood what i was saying :) , i do agree that these things take time and i am willing to wait but i don’t want to feel like i did not do anything, you know ? i always felt very very angry against rape cases and didn’t say anything . Now i have a blog and i thought i should because i feel that way and i want fellow women and men to know that there is someone who disagrees and i knew in the back of my head that there are people who believe the same .
      Times change and it is a good thing for us women. I have studied the feminist movement and how the society has always tried to push the women down by creating these notions that they are weak and docile , in the 19th century people believed that women were “incapable” of learning because their brains were “naturally” synced to care and not defend .That notion only changed because some women had the courage to be pointed at and to be called names, they lived a life of solitude because the society thought they were overpowering or overachieving what they in reality had to do. Even other women tried to pull them down because they also thought that they were naturally inferior , at the same time there were men who helped these women in formulating their arguments against the society , men and women HAVE to work together and they should . That’s why i hate it when people try to show men as animals and feeling less creatures because i know they are not .

      Everything we know is subjective and i am so glad that you were willing to think from another angle , many people don’t.
      I know how slowly life has changed for us women and i am just trying to get it better for our future daughters.I know the power of raising a question and i am merely using it . I wont let people tell me that men are animals and we should be scared of . There is more to life then just nodding your head ;)


  • Vish89

    Honestly, there is no one on earth that deserves to be sexually assaulted even if you (not pointing at any one) are someone who gets drunk every night, if ur someone who likes to be around guys, or if ur a prostitute. Not even Hitler (umm…no) lool. Yes, I do mean it, even prostitutes who sell sex shouldn’t deserve to be raped. I believe that sex is something that should be a mutual agreement between the male and the female.

    Just because of some impotent bastards who are too shy to approach to girls and are so deperate and full of lust, they think of committing such an uncompassionate and ruthless crime. Rapists often raise a point that they do it because they get seduced by the girl in someway since she is drunk or wearing revealing clothes as demonstrated by the so called slut walk. I personally feel that this reason is outrageous. it is something similar to robbing a bank since you see that there is a lot of money there. You have to face the consequences if you are caught and there is no way that u will be shown any sympathy and there is no reason that will convince the jury of you raping oops stealing the bank. And yes, you do get attracted when u see a lot of money. So how come rapists get their punishments reduced because of such reasons.? And personally, raping is more horrible and unethical as compared to looting a bank. You live in a society and you have to live within certain boundaries and limits.. and follow the laws.

    I personally feel that its a big shame that I have to hear about rape and child molestation cases in India. I think one more thing that might be responsible is the shyness and the strict restrictions for the indian girls. Looking at a bigger picture, male do get sexually stimulated a little more and if there a greater availabilty of girls, then they dont have to do such a thing. In Uk, its like you go to a pub, talk to someone and may be if it works, it works..you know what i mean ? But i have never seen that happenening in India to be honest.

    Well, I dont mean to say that Indian girls need to change, but I do mean that this will continue untill something is done about it. And I think India needs to come up with strict rules regarding child abuse and adults having sex with under 18 (may be 16ish).

  • manya

    Awesome post Komal, so true things you have said! It really feels heinous! Hopw come these guys can comment like this

  • KC

    This thought should be a common anthem…i join.!
    Very nice.

  • Usha Pisharody

    Beautifully articulated. Rapists are worse than animals. Animals too have a code of honour.

  • Abhishek

    Nothing to say…totally right… sharing right away..

  • Kads.....

    Well said .. I know of some1 dear who faced such horrible remarks from a person when she was returning frm work one evening.. He wud follow here everywhere .. even when she stepped in the cab.. Tried grabbing her.. It was quick thinking on her part that she called the cops & her family.. & made some noise which brought a crowd arund… Once the guy saw cops coming ihe tried escaping & some passerbys caught hold of him…
    & Mind U she was fully covered…

    All were taken to the station & a case duly filed agst him..

    But my point is… Is that what one Human thinks about another????
    We here the world talking abt Women’s lib… celebrating International Women’s Day… All seems so crap..
    Drunk or not drunk.. Dont men have a head on their shoulders’.. Have they lost the definition of the thin line God created between animal & man? An animal cannot think between right or wrong… Bt a man has a mind to think…

    People say.. the 15 year old was a fool to go with that guy.. Bt was that guy no “B*****D” to even think of what he did to her? Y does he escape all the accusations?

    One takes a cab to reach a destination… U cant expect 1 to know a cabbie before taking a ride in his cab.. How do u support that fact on traveling with a stranger? We’v heard cases of Father molesting his own flesh & blood… So now one would say.. U cant trust your own father?
    Thats not the definition u teach the world… U teach how to respect the other human…

    • The Delhi fashion blogger

      I agree with what you are saying but when you curse on a guy using his sister as a tool , we loose half the battle because we are USING his sister ; using one women in place of the other .

  • sandeep sharma

    I too agree what is being written in the article. We have such a stupid law system that we can not punish a person even if we know he has done such a crime. Few days back A lady judge was in the view of giving such a punishment that every man who even have thought of doing something will fear in his dreams. I think we all have to stand and ask our leaders to make such a strong law that every rapist get punishment and other think about it thousand time not before committing but even before thinking.
    This is the worst things that can happen with any woman….

  • vandana balakrisnan

    Ye,we can scream and this time all of us will.sharing.

  • backbencher

    Yes no woman “deserves to be raped” even if she is drunk out of her mind, is most indecently dressed, or is a sexual worker . But why wish this on any woman in Rahul’s family though ,have “him ” and “His ” accomplices castrated . In such cases I eally do believe in an eye for an eye , yes let all such heinous perverts be blinded and mutilated forever .

  • The Epic Adventurer

    THANK YOU. You are spot-on in what you are saying, and I hope that even a rape apologist and victim-blamer like Mr. Rahul can understand these points. I will be sharing this, absolutely.

  • hasuviti

    Kudos!Whatever you have said is nothing but truth…But will people like the one who you have talked about change? Unless they are exposed to it in a personal manner so that they can feel the pain behind it ….No! not their mothers,sisters,daughters, wives or any women in their family …why should they go through this just for the man to change? they will not as they see women as objects to satisfy their primitive insticts .Change should come about in more personal manner so that the person really feels the pain so that they will not just speak without empathy in matters like this.

  • Random Thoughts Of My Mind

    To all girls and guys too..give it a read…if you think this lady is a ‘feminist’ fight her back,becoz I dun think she is..rather she is one exception who rather tried to tell one man that all men are not animals…and to ‘RAHUL’ whoever you are…if you can’t dirrentiate between a street dog’s d##K and a man’s D$$k AND EMOTIONS..then fuck a bitch on the road before you speak such on national television.

  • Ravi Rayapati

    Everybody plz share it till it reaches the PMO and let it wake up our Govt and punish the RAPISTS like never before!

  • ispeakab

    Well, I am aware of the rape case in Noida but have no knowledge about what this Rahul said where. I stand by your blog post and your thoughts, I can’t say that his sister or mother should be rapped so that he undergoes a line of truth and reality. In my idea that would be a follish thing to say, I would be promoting the ‘act’ of rape if I say so. This guy, Rahul, seems to me as an educated illetrate. May be he has grown up watching porn movies and think that just because a man’s face is not showed in those movies, all man who take part in such an act should also be masked. Whereas the women should be blammed for everything.

    Keep writing. I would love to read more. Be strong.

    I would have reblogged this piece on my blog, if it was on WordPress. Anyways Good bye.

  • Chris

    I have read all the comments and I’m so impressed at how well you put your thoughts forward (especially if English is not your first language? I’m not sure if it’s one you learn growing up in India or not until school). I live in New Zealand and even though people here say “Be glad you don’t live in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia” to women, many of the attitudes are the same, that rape is something that women can prevent. We need to stop teaching our daughters what to do and start teaching our sons. Rape is used as a weapon, the same in wars as in “peace”. It is used to keep women “in their places” because men don’t want to give up their power. If men truly could not control themselves, if a hint of female sexuality was enough to turn them into animals, then we should not allow them into society. They should be the ones who must hide away, stay home, never drink alcohol, do not go anywhere there might be women, because how can they be trusted to make wise decisions on any topic if they’re so easily corrupted? It is an obvious lie. Men can control themselves, but they do not *want* to, because even some who don’t rape (not all, there are many who don’t like how things are) don’t want things to change. They benefit from women being kept down and treated badly and they feel that if they’re not actually doing the rape then they’re not the bad ones, and even if they are they can argue with themselves that it’s not that bad, because they’re not being violent, because they’re only choosing women who “deserve” it because they were drinking or they were alone or they had had sex before or whatever other reason.

    As you say rapists are usually people that the victim knows and that means that women can never really be safe, even in their own homes. That is not right. People can not handle always being wary and distrustful, we are not built that way, it is too exhausting. And these predators always wait until their victim’s guard is down. The crime isn’t just the physical violation, it’s the emotional trauma. Rape is terrorism. It tells women they can never, ever be safe.

    • The Delhi fashion blogger

      I am born and raised in India ,had English as the medium of education in school and now i am studying English literature at a masters level so i am okay with formulating my arguments . Having some knowledge of the history of literature and some revolutionary works , i know a little about them and use them to the advantage of my argument :) . I am glad you liked the piece , i totally agree with you on everything .

  • Gaurav Kumar

    Wonderfully written loved it
    Also read 51 things to do in Mumbai and 51 things to do in Delhi

  • Style-Delights

    As an Indian my head hangs in shame whenever i read about the stories like this- and the reaction of people like Mr Rahul! I am glad you wrote this post.
    Style-Delights Blog

  • Jonva

    On behalf of all sane people from Kerala, I hereby disown Rahul Easwar. What he said in no way representative of the views of Kerala’s youth – he has been for sometime somebody with a rather medieval intellect raving about various socio-political issues on major news channels. Hopefully this is Rockbottom for him ..|.

  • Prachi Karan

    I cannot agree more to what u said.
    Its a shame, a grave one that people like that are in our society and breathing !

  • Rutul Joshi

    Very nicely and aptly written. We need more of such expressions. That Rahul guy is an idiot. I don’t know why TIMES NOW can only find him unless they are being managed by religiously conservative, chauvinistic zealots. This is the same guy who opposed MF Husain’s paintings…or he was the only speaking person in the mob who opposed Husain sa’ab. In any case, we don’t need such idiots to occupy national TV debates.

  • Kaushik Choudhury

    Hats off Ma’am. It’s not what girls wear, what is more important is, how we look at them.

  • Kiran Bajaj Sawhney

    Kudos to you for writing this blog post. Love the way you have expressed yourself.

    Just came across your lovely blog. I get excited seeing another Delhi blogger. Being one myself, I relate to it better.


  • Fashionopolis

    I just read this post of yours, and new found respect for u for writing it. It takes great courage to write about such a topic. There is no reason nor justification for raping a woman, girl or child. The people who do it don’t deserved to be called men much less humans. Mr Rahul, or whatever you are you must be having women in your family. Think about them before you talk trash about someone else’s daughter/sister.
    Fashionopolis By Amena
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