Veet sensitive touch trimmer- All about the attachments you get!


A lot of you had questions about the new veet sensitive touch thus this post! Many people asked me about the several attachments that we get with the product so I thought about writing a detailed post about the same. So here we go!

The product comes with two heads, 2 attachments, one cap, one cleaning brush, one AA battery and one beauty pouch for your beauty on the go!

The two heads that come with the body can be changed depending on where you use them!

This is one of the trimming heads and further has one trimmer on each side. A lot of you were confused by the dual trimmers so let me explain how this works.

Veet sensitive touch

The two trimmers are different size and can be used for different areas depending on the amount of precision required. The bigger one is 16mm and the smaller one is 4mm. So when you want to do your eyebrows you will opt for the 4mm since its more precise but for your sideburns you might want to opt for the 16 mm because it will trim your hair quicker. I would suggest using the 4 mm for any part of the face where you need extreme precision.


This particular head comes with a comb attachment which you should use when you want to trim the hair slightly before trimming the precise area, sort of how you would want to trim down your  eyebrows before you start shaping it. Its quite easy to pop on this comb and just use it in the opposite direction of the hair to get a good result, once done you can remove the cap and use the bare trimmer to your advantage!


Veet sensitive touch

The second head is larger than the first one. It’s 20mm trimmer helps in covering a larger area in the same amount of time as compared to the smaller trimmer. This head is great for  your bikini line and under arms. This head also comes with a comb attachment  which helps in trimming the hair, so if the hair growth is quite a bit I would suggest you pop on the comb and trim before going in for the precise trim with just the head.

Veet sensitive touch

I really hope this is useful for all of you who want to use this device! If you want more tips and tricks do ask me in the comments!

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