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Contributed by Satyabrat Sukla

Tata Myst is a gated community located on a private hilltop in the district of Solan in Himachal Pradesh. The property is divided into two phases which boast 102 home units in total. Myst rests at a height of 5500 feet above sea level from the Indus Valley Base, and this grants inhabitants of the community incredible 360° views of the surrounding areas. One can see surrounding views of Solan, Ambala, Chandigarh, Dagshai, and Dharampur from the property. At any given time, 45 to 65 personal are on site to cater to your needs, and I must say that my stay there was extremely pleasant and I was looked after well by the staff.


The Myst’s slogan on their official website is “Luxury in perfect balance with nature,” but how true is this statement? My initial thoughts upon seeing the property were how ultra-modern architecture had seamlessly blended into the natural world around it. But my question was, do  these houses only look attractive or were they actually environmentally friendly  while reducing their ecological footprint?  These questions were soon answered as the Myst representative I spoke to made me aware that the housing project is a self-sustainable system, Tata Myst is able to independently maintain renewable components like air, water, and power.

Firstly, being atop of a hill at a high elevation gives the property great advantages in terms of fresh air and winds all throughout the year. This reduces the need on electrical consumption for utilizing air conditioners and room coolers.


Secondly, there are seven fully functional borewells which provide it with a fresh water supply, coupled with waste-water recycling and rainwater-harvesting facilities which help the Myst take advantage of the natural water supplied to them from their surrounding ecosystem. All water that is used in the home units is channelled through to a sewage treatment plant (STP) for purification. The STP has provided water for all landscaping work done on the property as well. On the other hand, the rainwater harvesting system collects water in recharge pits, and phase one of the property has seven recharge pits while phase two has five recharge pits. These recharge pits allow the property to have an abundant supply of water in store, all of which has been collected as rain water. Even the construction of the property has kept the environment in mind by using tanker water instead of fresh water sources.


Thirdly, the Myst has a contract with the Government of Himachal for their electricity supply, along with generators providing more than 1,100 kilowatts of output which can keep the facility up and running for three to four days in case of an emergency. The home units have been thoughtfully designed with vaulted ceilings and large glass window panes which let in plenty of natural light. Thus inhabitants require very little interior lighting during the day. All the peripheral lighting is powered by solar energy with ambient light sensors which automatically switch them on and off as and when required. Moreover, all of the homes are equipped with solar water heaters which are connected to the geysers provided in the units.


Aside from the properties environmentally friendly aspect, each of the home units also boast other features. All of the home units are also completely automated smart homes. By that I mean that they are equipped with state of the art technology which lets owners control everything from the intensity of the LED lighting within their homes to control over the radiant floor heating and cooling. The houses also have IP enabled door access control, and intercom units which allow owners to control the security of their homes through mobile application, key card, and password. Each home unit also has a panic button which ensures the safety of family members, allowing owners to sound off an alarm within the unit as well as the security gate resulting in security being summoned to cater to your needs. All glass panels and windows also have shock sensors and tamper-proof sensors which additionally ensure the safety within your homes.


Additionally, the property has recreational facilities and amenities which include; spas, a squash court, indoor game facilities, a yoga corner, tennis, basketball, and badminton courts, gourmet restaurants and lounges within the community hall, children’s play area, a jogging track, a fully equipped gymnasium, library, landscaped gardens, and swimming pools.

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