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Sometimes you need to take matters in your own hands, particularly when it comes to beauty and when you have no time on your hands and want your eyebrows groomed!
I was elated to see the new Veet sensitive touch trimmer on my news feed because it looked like the tech just right for the job.
Finally got my hands on it and was super excited to try it out and tell you how to use it.
The Veet sensitive touch trimmer is a great way to trim your sensitive areas, be it your face or your bikini line.


 The trimmer comes with two heads, two attachments for different areas,one storage cap, a battery, a cleaning brush and a travel pouch. All the things together make a pretty perfect on the go trimmer!
The usage of the trimmer is quite easy. Just pop in the battery, put the head of your choice and twist the lower compartment for the trimmer to start and use it against the growth of the hair.


The two heads are for smaller as well as bigger areas. The small trimmer head is for areas like the eyebrows and upper lips where hair is very fine and the bigger trimmer head is for the bikini line and the under arms.


Since the eyebrows are a vital part in our beauty regiment, we want it to be as perfect as it can.
Grooming your eyebrows with the Veet sensitive touch is easy. Just turn it on and pop in an attachment which helps in trimming down only the excess hair.


Then use the trimmer to remove excess hair from the top of the eyebrow and any other areas with hair.
veet7 The last part is of shaping the eyebrows. Take the thinner side of the trimmer, stretch your eyebrows to keep the skin taunt and slowly remove the excess hair and you are done!



I would suggest understanding your eyebrow shape before doing this because you need to know the look you are going for.
You would take a minute or two to get used to it but it is worth the time!
The trimmer was extremely useful for me while traveling for my friends wedding and I love the control it gives me.

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