New streetwear color rich perfecting foundation review

Street wear  has launched their new ‘adorable’ collection and i had to try these out since i knew many would ask a review for it. I would be reviewing the whole collection since.. i got all of it *Guilty as charged*
The Street wear Color rich Perfecting foundation comes in two colors only
Neutral & beige

Neutral is pink toned

Beige is yellow toned

Both the colors are suited towards NC37 and above. If you are NC 35 or below, don’t even consider buying this, it is too dark.

*In Other news* I am VERY happy that they created darker colors because there are so many options for budget foundations in fair-medium colors, its only fair that others get something!
*Word play*

New streetwear color rich perfecting foundation review

 You get 30 ml for 170 INR which is quite a lot of product for the price.
New streetwear color rich perfecting foundation review
 The texture is VERY runny and you have to be extremely careful when you are taking it out of the bottle or it will spill and give you foundation nightmares.
New streetwear color rich perfecting foundation review
The packing is Horrible!!
When you shake the foundation mildly before applying it, it spills through the bottle and starts to spill outside of the cap as well.
New streetwear color rich perfecting foundation review

The coverage is medium to build-able and it hides my hyper pigmentation spots pretty well.
The rule being, you find a color that matches you perfectly.

The camera was very nice to this foundation, in reality i looked like half an oompa loompa with my orange-nes peeking through on the side the foundation was applied.

It give you a semi-dewy finish which can be made matte with a setting powder.

Stays for 3 – 4 hours depending on your skin type. I have normal skin and it lasted 4 hours on my skin.

Ingredients are a bit iffy, it has talc, oil as well as silicone in it. Silicone is there in majority of foundations but the talc and oil might rub the sensitive skin people in the wrong way.*That escalated quickly!*

Yes or no?

Yes- Dry skin people who don’t mind killing their makeup bags with this foundations Spilli-ness *yes i just made it up*
No- Oily skin, combination skin and people who are O.C.D about their makeup bags
Hell NO- Sensitive skin.
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