More love for the dual camera Honor 8

The thing with Fashion week is the swiftness of it all. I have to post pictures, videos, boomerangs and tweets with speed and precision, so it becomes a very creative yet stressful environment for a person like me. To deal with all this Fashion Week craziness i require a fast and sturdy phone which does not let me down, i got just that in the Honor 8 which runs Android™ 6.0 and Huawei’s Emotion UI 4.1.


I started experimenting with the Honor 8 earlier than the fashion week and still am discovering new things each day! As a youtuber who has to Vlog each and every aspect of her life, the Honor 8 comes as a blessing. The 8MP front camera is perfect for my impromptu vlog sessions as well as those much needed selfies with friends i meet, it has amazing low light capability  so i didn’t have to worry much about the “golden hour” passing.


The 12MP dual-lens  back camera comprises of a RGB and a monochrome len that captures more light to deliver amazing picture quality, vivid color, and stunning detail could not be more perfect for me! It makes all the Snapchats, instagram posts and instagram stories so much sharper and clear!!


Also,Can we please talk about the  Honor 8’s dual-function advanced fingerprint reader? It helped tremendously in times of need: quick selfies, quick pictures of the runway, quickly opening the apps and so much more. Atleast i know one button to press which will solve the problem as quickly as possible!


If i am honest, nothing scares me more than the notification sound of the battery buzzing at it is about to switch off and that fear goes through the roof when its fashion week. Honor 8 is powered by a 16 nanometer Kirin 950 chip that reduces power consumption and has been my savior when i am out, covering events *because carrying a phone and its external charger together is not so chic*

So currently i am loving the Honor 8! Would update you with more information once i have used it for a few more weeks.







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