Lakme eyeconic kajal +mascara review (VIDEO)

Dont you just hate  it when a product you love suddenly becomes … pricey ? well i DO but then there is a God and Lakme . I like lakme , HATE the sunscreen, love  the makeup . It always comes up with the cheapest (not  in quality)  beauty products . Who the hell will gives you a souffle foundation in 99 INR , all hail Lakme .
When Maybelline  decided to hike the prices of their mascara , i was deeply hurt and swore to try other brands but with a little doubt . “There must be a reason why everyone raves about it and surely there cant be a replacement or it would be written about everywhere”  my mind went on  . Then BAM Lakme comes in . I was doing the cha cha mixed with  foxtrot when i saw the new launch . I am a happy woman now .
See similarities ?
Lakme eyeconic kajal
Lakme eyeconic kajal
Lakme eyeconic kajal
Lakme eyeconic kajal
Price – INR 199
What i love 
- VERY easy to use , super creamy ( creamier than colossal )
- Staying power is same as the colossal kajal
- packaging is way more chic then
MEH points
- It is not super super black
- a little expensive then Colossal :/ ( INR 50 to be precise )
Will i buy it again – Yup
lakme eyeconic mascara
Lakme eyeconic mascara
Price – 250
What i love 
- The brush ( Super versatile )
- The product is very easy to use
- The product is not super runny
- THE PRICE !! – ( revenge is sweet )
- Super easy to remove ( unlike Colossal ) * this is not waterproof
- Did not clump
- The brush is so amazing !! – You can reach the smallest part  of the eyelash and the curve of the brush helps in curling your eyelash as you apply the mascara .
MEH points
- The product gets collected on the nozzle if you are not careful ,when putting the wand in the tube .
- It is not waterproof  . I remove it with olive oil .
Will i buy it again – HELL YES
Commentary – I  applied my colossal mascara only when i had an event or had to film a video ONLY because it was a koko process to take  off , i use olive oil and still i had to tug on my eyes . I was stupid enough to buy the waterproof version and when i went to buy the usual version … well the price rise .
Lakme eyeconic  mascara
 The video is a demonstration of how you can use the Lakme kajal and mascara :)

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