Innisfree India Review

Innisfree India Product

Innisfree India Product

If you love natural products like me, you will live for products from Innisfree. A Korean brand with serious backing of natural goodness, Innisfree has some amazing products which are natural and gentle on your skin. I was sent a couple of products from the brand to try and i will tell you which ones i am completely obsessed with.

Innisfree super volcanic clay mask

The Super volcanic pore clay mask is really good at reducing your pore size, you have to use it for a prolonged period of time in order for your pores to actually start minimizing though. You do see a visible difference from the first application but the pores go back to their lovely state as the day goes by. This is a great product for the summer time as well as for people with supremely oily skin. It does not dry your skin out like other masks and makes sure your skin remains healthy while it detoxifies it.

Innisfree green tea serum

I love glowing skin just like most of us and the Innisfree Green tea serum is an absolute delight in that sphere. Its great for the summer time when you need a healthy skin but oil is a huge issue. It keeps your skin hydrated without being oily! and that is a win win situation.It has a milky consistency but absorbs extremely quick, in 10 seconds! Innisfree green tea serum

My absolute favorite out of all was the Innisfree green tea cream, i used this on my face as well as the eye area and its supremely emollient and hydrating. It makes my skin perfect for winter time and keeps it hydrated for a long time. For the eyes area, this cream is a dream, i am not too sure if you can use it in that way but i loved it for my eye area! Innisfree green tea tree cream

Innisfree green tea serum cream

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