How to wear Summer 2012 trends – Funky Prints/ First outfit post

I am super excited yet scared for this post. 
1) I am not  a model 
2) Its my first outfit post
3) Some pictures might be very “UN fashion blogger ” like 
So now enjoy 
I finally got what i wanted !! Retro glasses 
Prints were visible throughout the fashion weeks for  2012 Spring/summer  and this is my version . This T- shirt is super unique with the traffic lights all over it . It is actually handmade and i highly recommend these to you . Entropy is the label behind these amazing t-shirts which are all uniquely designed and created.
Oh yes i am completely looking at my blogs name in this picture . 
It is a pose ! really !

I paired my printed t- shirt with a satchel , a white cotton chunni ( which i always carry) and some not so crazy accessories for a lazy day at college . You could do it your ways .

 Well the above one is not really that bad ;)

This cutie puppy was to hard to resist .

 I really couldn’t help it .
I hope you liked the post !!
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  • FashionPhD

    i LOVE the hair flying picture! so well captured


    way to go Komal :) btw- I loved the not-so-good pic sabse zyada :)

  • Entropy

    Love that crazy hair pic…Your styling really makes t-shirt pop out..Nice

    Shruti & Shradha
    Entropy Store

  • Agnibanya

    haha, the retro glasses…I think I saw them on Kajol in some movie, can’t remember which one…loved the piccys..very cute ;)


    That’s the beauty of fashion blogging..not all of us are models! Love the top and you’ve styled it well with the scarf an bag!

  • shopoholic etc

    hair flying picture..super kool !!…and i like da tshirt too :)

  • Shybiker

    How pretty! The shirt is lovely and those retro glasses are cool. You’re doing great.

  • opal

    I would dress up like this on a regular day. Fahion blogging is not always about high heels and premium brand, it is more to do with your personal style and how comfortable you are in it. Measuring by the real definition of fashion blogging, you have done extremely great.

  • shooting star

    Its very cool , casual and trendy!!!!

    the glasses, not a fan of these(no matter how much they are trending!!)… wont comment on them!!!

    btw, did you attend the indiblogger meet back in dec, i think i saw you and you also introduced yourself!!!

    • The Delhi fashion blogger

      I can completely understand not liking the glasses !!, i dislike big bug eyed glasses and i have never worn them and never will even if they are in vogue .
      I have never attended indiblogger’s meet :)so that must be a different person :).


  • Mesmerize

    you look so great! love you top:)
    please visit me in free time:)

  • Rakhshanda

    You look great :)

  • Vanu

    U luk pretty Komal and yes, i agree with Opal too!

  • Mukta

    You look fabulous. A casual comfy outfit one can carry on Indian Streets.
    New post up

  • Tanvi

    Love it … you are so adorable. Super cute tee.

    ∞ © ∞

  • M

    li really ike your sunglasses..

  • Miss Iffa

    I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! Your style is just impeccable and your blog is simply the epitome of perfection! I am your newest, most avid follower.

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

  • mermaidbidisha

    hair flying pic reminded me of ozzy osborne :D

  • Chahrazad

    Cute shirt and a nice bag.


  • jimmyrodrics

    Nice tips…Along with this, cotton salwar kameez and sarees are also in great trend for summers…

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