HOW TO MAKE PIZZA MC PUFF / CALZONE at home ( my version)

hello ladies :) , i searched the net for hours last year , trying to find the recipe for my favorite  food :) but all in vain :( , then i mustered up the courage and tried making it at home and i was able to make it :) :D
hope you enjoy it :)
i am making a healthier version :)
you will need
tomatoes – 7
garlic- 3 cloves
peas- half  cup
beans- half cup
carrots ( any vegetable you can finally chop )
flour – 2 cups
milk – 1and half cups
olive oil
gujiya cutter
salt to taste

The first step is to puree the tomatoes into a fine paste , we would be making the filling sauce from this :) . for the red sauce


chop some garlic
put some olive oil in a pan , put the garlic , let it become golden in color

then add the whole tomato puree , add salt

the minute you add salt to this , it would start changing color :)
cook it for a nice half n hour on slow heat and then put it in a bowl .
now cut your vegetable finely , i am using beans and peas
frozen peas
put all the vegetable in a pan and let them cook in their own water till they become a bit soft
 now we will make the white sauce
take a pan , put some 3 table spoon olive oil and  make sure it is not tooo hot .
Put one teaspoon of flour into it and keep on stirring the mixture , you can put another spoon of flour and keep on stirring it .
 the idea is to cook the flour so that it looses its floury flavor. do this on very low heat for 3 to 5 minutes

now you will slowly add a small amount of milk into this – 4 table spoons and keep stirring , if you put in the whole amount at once , you will have clumps off flour

when you have a smooth paste , then let it cook for some 5 minutes on low heat until it starts to bubble, then add oregano  and salt
you should now mix the vegetables , red sauce and white sauce in a container, add some more oregano and put a lid on it
the idea is to let the vegetables soak in the smell and the sauces
we now will make the pastry or the outer layer of the puff for this you will need
the 1 and half cup of flour , some olive oil and salt.
my mom put in ghee but you Should use olive oil :)

you have to knead this into a batter which can be used to make small rotis

this is a gujiya cutter :)
you should make small puris out of the dough
now heat some olive oil or vegetable oil in a deep frying dish
take the gujiya cutter and place the puri on it and then put a small amount of sauce in the middle (remember it has to be a small amount because if it over fills, it will open and burst into the oil)
- if you do not have a gujjiya cutter then just try to seal it with your hands :) but make sure its tightly secured :)
cut the gujiya shape out carefully , sealing it from everywhere

now fry it till it turns golden brown :)

serve it with some ketchup :)
enjoy :)
i hope you like this :)

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