FOREVER 21 haul

i hope you are doing dhinchek :P .
a friend of mine asked me for some help regarding jewelry so i went with her to forever 21 :) , we shopped all the things she needed and it was fun :) . what was NOT fun was the bomb blasts that happened yesterday and the amount of people wounded and killed .Yesterday was a sad day and i did not do  this post because i thought it would be to vain to not notice the sentiment of  anger and sadness . Today is a new day and i feel not as bad writing about jewelry :) .

so , i searched for very delicate charm necklaces and i had to dig deep into the forever 21  shelves :P, all these necklaces would look soooo adorable with cardigans and the approaching winter clothing :D .

Forever 21 Haul 

Forever 21 Haul 

Forever 21 Haul 
the lovely knuckle ring , how i sought after you for so many years :P, 

Forever 21 Haul 
the lovely and delicate vanity mirror :)

Forever 21 Haul 
do the robot!!!!

Forever 21 Haul 
i love to wear AND eat them :P

Forever 21 Haul 

Forever 21 Haul 

Forever 21 Haul 
the Victorian charm :)

Forever 21 Haul 

Forever 21 Haul 

that’s  it for this haul :P :)
hope you liked it :)
and please pray for the people hurt in the blast


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  • kuheli

    lovvvveed the vanity mirror and victorian charms. shopping is always fun. :))

  • Mallika

    wow .. i love dese !!

  • Rakhshanda

    Woww great stuff!!! Lovely pieces <3

  • Deeptima

    wow… super duper cute haul !! :)

  • Spardha

    The blast was pretty bad!.. Loser terrorists! :/
    Awesome stuff you bought! :)

  • jewelryanalysis

    kuheli – i dug the whole shelf :P tab jakey mila :)
    mallika – thank you :)
    Rakshanda – i cant imagine you read my blog :P , i am such a big pankha of you :)
    Deeptima – zanku ri :)
    Spardha – haina :(

  • D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty)

    I really like the mirror necklace!

  • jewelryanalysis

    thank you D.sadie :)

  • Nidhi

    i luved the ring komal… whts its price..

  • Miss S

    wowwwwww….ekdum chun chun ke nikala hai…:P

    n yes the bomb blasts was really sad :(

  • Tanvee Wadhwa

    I love the robot! he looks uber cool!

  • shishiwaldorf
  • Unknown

    did u check the time pieces… but ur muffins are better..

  • Sovina

    I might have said this before..but i love jewelry and your blog is perfect place for people like me..keep posting :)

  • oshin

    i want to die with them :)
    nice blog x)

  • jewelryanalysis

    so sorry for late reply :P
    @sovina – thank you so so much :) , you can check out the jewelry i make :) :P
    @oshin – i would do the same !!! :)

  • Shaunna

    DIY Crystal Knuckle duster
    SO happy how it turned out

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